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About Us

Metcalf Racing has a long, varied and successful history in racing.  From Formula Fords to Indy Cars and Formula One, and Production Cars to GTP, we have run at tracks across the country, winning races - and sometimes losing, too.  We have learned from each one.

But it is the people who make up our team who are our greatest assets.  In racing, we work among some of the best talent in the industry, so it is imperative for us to employ the best people to be found in racing.  We motivate and empower them in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow and flourish.  We recognize and reward their contributions and are grateful for their loyalty.  We build on each other's technical knowledge and creativity because we know that together we make better decisions, create better race cars and experience more success.

As any professional racer will quickly tell you, you must be accomplished in a diversity of disciplines to succeed in racing.    Through the long and extensive careers of our personnel, we have the experience that makes us quite good with them all. The links to the left will give you more detailed information on our experience and abilities in specific areas.

Below are brief bios of each member of our team.  Please take a minute to get to know us.

 Below the bios you will find an overview of some of our accomplishments and the projects in which we have been fortunate enough to participate over the years.


The Team

Robert Metcalf leads the crew at Metcalf Racing.  He began racing in karts in 1958 (although he says he's old enough to regret admitting it!).  He began racing Formula Fords in SCCA in 1972 and progressed through Super Vee, F/5000 and even served a season in a Winged Spring Car.  By 1980 he was setting up cars for friends who promptly beat him. and he realized he was a better engineer than driver.  That began a career in the paddock which, over the years has generated considerable success and a dab of notoriety.  Robert has played almost every position on a race team including, crew chief, engineer, team manager and team owner.  This experience has allowed him to work with many drivers in many  classes of both amateur and pro racing, and he learned from every driver, track and car.  He is a frequent contributor of technical articles to racing magazines and authored the book, published by SAE, The Successful Race Car Driver.  On the occasions when he gets away from race cars, he enjoys ocean sailing and playing blues guitar.

Steve Moore is our shop manager.  Steve is a life-long racer having raced production cars and shifter karts.  He also was a manager of fleet maintenance for UPS for many years and brings that managerial experience of an automotive shop with him to Metcalf Racing.  Steve's expertise keeps us on schedule so that we have the cars ready to load into the trailers at the appropriate time.  He has been invaluable in shop organization and procedures.  When not racing, Steve plays bass guitar in a well known local band.

Ted Svejda is our lead chassis technician.  Ted has been around in vintage racing, knows everyone and especially knows how race cars are put together.  From Formula Fords to Indy cars, Ted understands proper preparation and gets the job done quickly and correctly.  In addition, he loves social media and takes care of the Metcalf Racing Facebook page.  His jovial manner always keeps us laughing around here.  When away from the track, he is a superb chef.  Sometimes, we find that he is an exceptional chef when putting together Saturday night race track dinners, too!

Scott Hay handles most of our fabrication duties.  Scott is an excellent TIG welder.  If fact, we got him from a shop which built Top Fuel dragsters.  He came to us because he wanted to work with cars that turned corners, so he is a true racer!  Whether building a monocoque tub or whittling out an aluminum part on the lathe, Scott handles the job well.  He is the owner and builder of a couple of vintage hot rods.


Some Interesting Past Projects

In 2002 we received the call you always dream of but never really expect to get.  On the other end of the phone was a friend who said, "I just met someone with money who wants to go racing.  What do I do?"  Needless to say, we jumped into action and formed CGF Racing to contest the initial season of the Infinity Pro Series in IRL.  It has since been renamed the Indy Lights Series but in that initial short season, running against such teams as Panther, Hemmelgarn, Luyendyk and Foyt Racing, we scored a third place finish at Texas Motor Speedway and a WIN at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis.  The race there was the first in Indy Car history (since 1910) for a car to start from the pole and lead every lap for the win.  Ryan Hampton did an excellent job for us as driver shown here at TMS diving under Ed Carpenter at 190 mph.

In 1986 we ran this March 83G-Chevy in selected IMSA GTP  races.  Brian Goellnicht is at the wheel here at Sears Point.  Couldn't keep up with some of the better financed teams but it was great experience.

In 1989 and 1990, Robert engineered for Craig Taylor, founder of Taylor Race Engineering.   Craig was due for a Runoffs victory in Formula Continental and it came in '90.  This is the SCCA National Championship victory lap in his DB-6 Swift at Road Atlanta.

1984 was a very special year.  Robert had the opportunity to work with the brilliant Michael Roe that year when he won the '84 Can-Am Championship in this VDS-Chevy.

This unusual project came in as a Fabcar built Porsched 962 show car with a Buddy Baker Chevy in it.  it had been crashed heavilly and required a new carbon nose, new lexas windscreen and much fabrication.  Since it was a show car, it was under-braked for racing as well as needing suspension upgrades.  We stiffened the suspension mounts and fabricated driver adjustable anti-roll bars.  Look  for this one at the track.  It's not often you see a Porsche powered by a Chevy!  (Unless it's a street 911, of course.)

Another early project.  This Lola T-140 Chevy Formula 5000 was Robert's in the mid 1970s right after a season in a Sprint Car.  No images of the Sprint Car remain but this one was just as much a beast on the road courses. 

This is the one and only long tail Gulf-Mirage built by John Wyer for Le Mans, M6 / 603.  It had never been developed very thoroughy.  we made numerous upgrades to improve braking performance (see Fabrication page),
suspension and aerodynamic modifications to improve stability.  Originally fitted with a Gurney-Weslake V-12, it came to us with a 3 liter Cosworth DFV.  After a few races, it was exchanged for a 3.9L DFL which powered it in this photo going into turn 11 at Road Atlanta.  It has now been retired and re-fitted with the Gurney-Weslake.

Same car, different number.  The long tail is much more evident here.

In 1991, Robert teamed with Dave Salls and designed and built a new state-of-the-art tubular front suspension for Dave's F/P Midget.  It resulted in a victory lap at the Runoffs at Atlanta that year (that's Robert in the center of the top row) but the little team got caught up in a Denver power struggle and lost the title.  (We still think we won it fair and square!)  Read The Successful Race Car Driver for the whole sordid story.