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Parts for Sale
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We are frequently contacted by clients who are either looking for or want to sell specific items.  To help facilitate their searches, we have created this page where racers can list parts they have to sell free of charge and where those looking for specific items can find them.  In considering several listing methods, we have settled, for now, on using our contact us page to list an item.  This is to prevent the ever present risk of someone or some computer posting objectionable material on the site. 

To list your item, please email us a description of it including price and your location.  In your description, be sure to include your email address.  Please limit your listings to items suitable for road racing cars.  Since our form does not accommodate attachments, we will email you in return so that you can attach your photographs.  We will then post your items on this page.  This method may change in the future if we devise a more elegant procedure.  There is no charge to use this service.  All negotiations are between you and the buyer.  We do not take part in it in any way.

Please note that the descriptions of the items below were submitted by the owners of the parts.  Metcalf Racing takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions and takes no part in the sale.  These listings are provided here for the benefit of racers seeking to buy or sell racing parts.

Hewland MK-8 Side Plates

These are original Hewland side plates with the large differential bearing bore (3.150").  Sideplates are reproduced by Hewland now but these are originals from the 60s.  They have a slight amount of corrosion just inside the seal retainer which can be easily cleaned but are in great shape otherwise.   These are used on almost all Formula Fords (and a few other cars) up until the time of the MK-9.  Taylor Engineering currently gets $515 for the left side and $500 for the right side.  Buy these used ones now for $600 for the pair and save yourself some money.

Price reduced   Now $500 for the pair          SOLD!

Gotti 3 Piece Wheels

Fronts are 13" X 11" with 5 1/2" Back Space
Rears are 13" X 14" with 6 1/2" Back Space
All are Center Lock, 6 pin on 4.25 pcd for 5/8" drive pins
Fitted with Gotti bead lock screws
All good usable condition except for one marked "wheel hop"  It could be straightened.
Suitable for vintage Formula Atlantic, B Sports Racer, Camel Light, etc.

Three sets available

$1000 per set
$2500 all three sets


Racetech Oil Press/Water
Temp Gauge

This dual gauge is a real space saver in crowded instrument panels.  It's standard size so it fits in the same hole as a Smiths or other popular gauge.  Most of these Racetech gauges only have an oil pressure range up to 100 psi.  This one is a bit rare with the 160 psi capacity.  As you can see water temp reads to 120 degrees C.  The capillary tube is 84".  This gauge is used but in great shape.  Pegasus sells them for $175.  Buy this one now for $125.  Money back if not satisfied.


Tiga Uprights &
Drive Flanges

We purchased these uprights from Essex Racing some years ago for a project that never got completed.  They are for Tiga cars although we are not sure exactly which model.  They could be for a Formula Ford or a Sports 2000.  Maybe both.  Can you help us identify them?  Contact Us if you can help.  All parts are brand new and have only a little shop wear.  The drive flanges have a minor difference as can be seen in the one on which the finish has been machined away.  Further machining would make them identical.  A spacer will be required to match the flange OD with the bearing ID.  If you are building a car these parts may be just what you need.  If you think you can use them for that purpose, email and we can send you suspension attachment point locations.  These parts  are just taking up space in our shop and we would like to find the person who can put them to good use.  Only asking $200 for everything you see here.

Robert Metcalf                                                               SOLD!

ISSPRO Analog Pyrometer
for Exhaust Temperature

If you have ever wanted to tune the fuel mixture of a carbureted engine by watching the exhaust temperature, this is the instrument you need.  The leaner the mixture, the higher the exhaust gas temperature will be.  The magic number for which you are looking varies a little with compression, valve timing and some other factors.  That temperature can be determined by a little study on the internet of of combustion engine theory. Then a gauge like this one is an indispensable tool for carb tuning.  Running an engine at the proper exhaust temperature not only increases power, it can also save valves, pistons and head gaskets.  These gauges are the preferred method of tuning two strokes engines on Karts.  We have two of these gauges available, both new in the box with all the hardware and instructions.  Both are the standard 2" size.  They have two different part numbers.  Model R607 reads to 1500 degrees F and has an 1800 degree capacity.  Model R630 has been superceded by digital gauges but reads to 1800 degrees F and has a 1990 degree capacity.  They sell for $142.  Your choice for $50.  Sender is required and can be purchased from ISSPRO at:

Robert Metcalf

Fox Shocks
New - Just out of the Box

We recently discovered a set of four brand new Fox Shocks in a box which had never been opened.  The shipping date was in 1987.  These must be some of the last Fox Shocks to be built before Penske took over the industry by hiring Fox engineers.  The shipping box and the individual boxes were too dilapidated to save, unfortunately.  They had gotten wet at some point and fell apart.  The wetness also affected the shocks in a minor way corroding the fittings of the hoses and slightly rusting the snap rings which hold in the end caps.  One shock has slight rust damage to the threads on the shaft but still looks serviceable.  Otherwise these are brand new.  With some minor attention they would be perfect for a late 80s historic racer needing a period correct shock replacement.  They are double adjustable, monotube shocks, gas pressurized with separate reservoirs.  They have no upper eyes.  Other shocks must provide those.  Fully extended from center of bottom eye to top of shaft measures 10 5/8" and fully compressed is 7 7/8".  They accept the standard 2 1/4" springs.  Like Penskes and all modern shocks they are re-valvable in the field.  These were very popular on Indy Cars in the mid 80s having been brought to the attention of Indy crews by Rick Mears.  After Penske took over the market, Fox returned to their roots, motorcycles and off road racing where they still dominate the market.  Please email with any questions.

Robert Metcalf

$1500 for the set              SOLD!

Stewart Warner Mech Tach

This is a brand new Stewart Warner mechanical tach with tell-tale and it has only shop wear.  It has never been mounted in anything.  Unfortunately the box disappeared long ago.  As you can see it is a 10,000 RPM unit, 4:1 which is the ratio used by most 4 cylinder engines whether a Formula Ford, Sports 2000 or a B Sports Racer.  The spring loaded tell-tale reset button is located on the side of the case at approximately the 4,000 RPM position.  It uses the standard 7/8" threaded connection and will accept the normal tach cables and adaptors.  Clear, easy to read and in the standard 3" size.  A great tach in excellent shape for only $200.                    SOLD!

Spitfire 1300 Racing Engine

Some time ago I began construction of an F Production Triumph Spitfire.  This was to be a world class, Runoffs winning car.  We took a no-holds-barred approach doing all the right things and spending way too much money.  Life changed and the project was never completed.  Now I am left with most of the parts to build a really strong Spitfire 1300 engine.  I'll list the major components - I have many smaller ones that will not be listed here.  Everything is first class and all brand new except the crank, block and head which were all produced by Triumph and have been appropriately reconditioned.

  • Spitfire SU carbs flowed and prepped by Steve Ellis. Most of us know the quality of his work. His carbs have won many a Runoffs. He did the carbs and intake as a unit and supplied extra needles. These have never been mounted, never had gas in the bowls.
  • New Carillo rods, never installed. Bought directly from the Carillo manufacturer, Warren Machine. As you are sure to know, Carillo rods have always been the icon of connecting rods for high RPM race engines. Length 5.750" Pin bore diameter .812  These rods are for the small journal crank. They are now only available by special order (with the accompanying lead time) from Warren at $378 each.
  • Titan roller rocker assembly with a larger than stock shaft diameter for reduced flex. The shaft stands Titan supplied have been replaced with custom machined 7075 T6 aluminum units which are much stiffer and more stable for even less flex of the shaft assembly. The undersides of the rockers have received light reliefs for clearance for the 1.375 diameter retainers used in the head below. 1.50:1 Ratio.
  • This 1300 head was ported and flowed by Batten Machine in Michigan who do a lot of prototype cylinder flow research for the Big Three. Batten has been responsible for some of the incredible HP numbers seen in NASCAR engines in recent years. This head uses titanium valves and retainers, Crane 1.375 springs, bronze guides and Teflon seals. It has never been mounted on a block.
  • Double row roller timing chain assembly with adjustable cam sprocket
  • Crane cam, new in box. F-260/3572-2S-4   Cam Lift with stock rockers - .511 IN, .509 EX. Lift with Titan rocker shaft listed above - .537 IN, .534 EX. Duration @ .050  260 IN, 266 EX . Comes with cam card.
  • Smith Brothers 4130 Chromoly pushrods. These are 5/32 OD diameter, 7.700 length with proper ends for Spitfire lifters and the above rocker assembly. These too, have never been installed.
  • I have a complete set of studs and hardware for the cylinder head and the main caps. I am, however, missing one nut for a main cap. These are new, still in their boxes.
  • Standard size, small journal 1300 forged steel crank has some slight surface rust on the journals and should be turned or maybe just polished prior to use. It was magnafluxed years ago when this project was begun but it might be best to do it again.
  • Spitfire block was cleaned within an inch of its life years ago in preparation for use. Honed on a Sunnen machine, it was ready to go. Now it has some surface rust in the cylinders and the bores should receive a light hone again. Present bore size is 2.942 which is the standard bore size.
  • Exhaust flange with which to build the header was water jet cut from 3/8 thick steel with port sizes to match the head. This flange will allow you to build a high flow header which will fit your car.

I no longer have a use for the parts to build this engine so I would like to see them go to someone who can use them as they were intended.  I do not have pistons for it so you will need to add those.  Also, I do not have the water pump or distributor.  This was to be a dry sump engine and I do have a dry sump pump which I will include but if you intend to run it as a wet sump engine, it will need a pump.  Either way I do not have a pan. 

Many more photos are available.  Email for more photos or more information.  Please help me out.  I have almost $10,000 invested in these parts.  I'll entertain all offers.

Bob Day
214-298-9837       SOLD!

Cortina/Kent or F/SV Dry Sump Pump with Tach Drive

Some early Formula Fords and F/B cars used oil pumps which drove the tach, rather than the system which later became common of driving it from the front of the engine.  Whether this was for space limitations or only because they were still playing around with different layouts, we do not know.  Some of the water cooled Super Vees used this pump, too.  At any rate, this is one of those early pumps including the tach drive gearbox.  We do not know the make of this pump but it is a four port, it is quite clean , thoroughly checked out and ready to go.  It has been packed with synthetic grease for quick priming on initial start up.  This is the proper pump to use for the restoration of an early car, an F/SV or if space is limited ahead of the engine.

$400 for both the pump and the tach drive gearbox