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Cars for Sale

1974 Dulon MP15B Formula Ford
1973 Lola T-340 Formula Ford
1992 Galmer Indy Car with Ilmor Chevy
- ex Danny Sullivan
1990 Chevy Suburban tow vehicle and trailer

1976 Merlyn MK30 Formula Ford  --  SOLD
1982 ex Michael Andretti Lola T-640 Formula Ford
  --  SOLD
1978 Merlyn MK31 Formula Ford  --  SOLD
1978 LeGrand MK18 D/SR
  --  SOLD
1985 Kraco Indy Prototype  --  SOLD
1978 Kraco Indy Prototype  --  SOLD
1969 Merlyn MK11A  --  SOLD

1987 March 87C Indy Car  --  SOLD
1997 Van Diemen RF97 Formula Continental (F/2000)  --  SOLD
1979 Lola T-540 Formula Ford --  SOLD
1968 Lotus 51B F/F  --  SOLD
1976 Crossle 30F F/F  --  SOLD
1978 Crossle 35F F/F  --  SOLD

Let us take the hassle out of selling your vintage race car or exotic road car.  We work with buyers all over the world to sell your car and ensure your maximum return.  Our services include vehicle storage at our secure facility, worldwide marketing and access to our worldwide client base.  We sell cars regularly to the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan as well as here in North America.  We also do pre-purchase inspections for buyers looking at cars listed for sale by others.  Please Contact Us today to discuss your plans to buy or sell a car.

To let us help you buy or sell a car, please call us at 972-494-3434.

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Dulon MP15B Formula Ford

This 1974 Dulon MP-15B is a nice car that has been run regularly and maintained religiously.   It is a good solid car that will give a new owner a lot of seat time without spending extra cash.   The engine is from Jay Ivey and has 20 to 25 hours on it, which may be a lot on high revving engines but it is not for a Formula Ford.   The head was freshened by Ivey only 6 hours ago.  Some nice features of the car include a Tilton starter, a Jet Hot coated exhaust which was recently done, Fireball ignition, upholstered seat, AMB transponder and custom made string bars for alignment.  High roll bar braces have been added just below the top of the body cowl section of additional rigidity and safety.  It has a really large compliment of good, usable spares.  See the list below.  The car even comes with a quick jack.  The owner of the car made sure that he had all the new spares that he might need ready at hand.  They all go with the car.  If you are looking for a Formula Ford, this is a good one that you will be pleased with.


Four complete sets of wheels
Extra Hewland MK9 gear sets
Extra nose and tail, numbered and ready to go
New gaskets
Several master cylinder kits
New brake pads
Two ignition coils
New fuel pump
New water pump with pulley
many more small items usable and in good shape
Quick jack
Alignment string bars


Please Contact Us for more information on this car.

Lola T-340 Formula Ford

This is a really nice and well sorted Formula Ford.  We have raced against it over the years and had some really memorable battles!  The owner has moved up to Formula Atlantic and does not have space for two cars.  It has fresh paint as well as recent attention to many small items such as hoses, wiring, hydraulics and all the little details that need work with many cars on the market.  This Lola has all of those details taken care of. All these items are new:  master cylinders, all instruments, many suspension rod ends, windscreen,  battery, large fire system and AN brake lines.  The belts, however, are out of date and need replacement.  The car has a tremendous load of usable spares as you can see from the list below.  It is now in our shop and we will be happy to answer any question.

Chassis Spares:

High capacity fuel cell
One extra set ATS magnesium wheels
One extra ATS wheel and two Revolution wheels
Six extra gear sets
Good used header
Used oil tank
Used engine adapter
Used windscreen
Two new 340 radiator covers
Two new 342 radiator covers
Two aluminum radiators
Two brass radiator
Fiberglass engine cover
Four Tilton master cylinder kits, new
Misc wheel bearings, new
Clutch line
Clutch bobbin

Engine spares:

Two valve covers
Intake manifold
Dry sump oil pump
Two flywheels
One stock clutch
Dry sump oil pan
Timing chain cover w/ tach drive
Cylinder head
Three camshafts
Set of rods and pistons
Weber carb
Weber carb body
Bosch electronic distibutor
Two Motorcraft distributors
Two starter solenoids
Misc ignition parts, new
Air cleaner plate, new
Fuel pump, new
Champion plugs, new
Misc carb parts


Please contact us for more information on this Lola.

1992 Galmer Indy Car
One of four built
Significant History!

Before Rick Galles merged Galles Racing with Maury Kraines' Kraco Racing to form Galles-Kraco Racing, he had already contracted Alan Merterns to design and build a proprietary Indy car to be called the Galmer for Galles and Mertens.  The car was ready and tested prior to the 1992 season, and Galmers were the Galles-Kraco entries for the '92 CART season for Al Unser, Jr. and Danny Sullivan.  They proved to be very good cars with Little Al winning the Indy 500 that year and Sullivan winning Long Beach in the car we now have available.  Little Al was second in that race.  You will notice that the Sullivan car is painted in Molson colors in the photo above as Molson was the Indy 500 sponsor.  For all other races that season, it was painted as it now is in the familiar Kraco yellow and blue.

The car is extremely clean and complete, needing only an ECU to make it run.  It even has the Pi data system and Pi dash still installed.  These components are many times stripped out of cars when they leave active competition.  Chuck Cornelison of VDS Engines in Indianapolis has  a replacement ECU with the proper maps available.  He says cost is in the $7,000 range.  He also has plenty of spare engines and parts.  The car was purchased directly from Kraco in 2008 and comes with a letter of provenance on a Kraco letterhead stating that it is authentic and detailing its history.

This car is chassis number 4 of four built.  The chassis used by Little Al in the '92 Indy 500 is now owned by Valvoline, Al's sponsor, and is on display in the IMS museum in Indianapolis.  Another is in private hands as a bare tub.  We have not yet located the one missing car.  If you have an interest in owning a unique piece of history and/or running the BOSS series for Indy cars, this is an opportunity to do it with one of the best.  If you have shopped for Indy cars, you know they are usually pretty beat up, needing much attention to bring them either to show condition or to be race ready.  This particular car needs little of that.  It is absolutely one of the cleanest cars you will find.  We welcome you to come to Dallas to verify its condition in person.  It is in road race trim so that you will not need any conversion parts to race it.  It is now in the Texas Museum of Automotive History where it is on display with some of the finest cars in the nation.  Please check out the photos below and contact us with any questions you may have about this special car.  We are here to help.



Please contact us for more information about this historic car.

1990 Suburban and 24' Trailer

This nice two owner truck and trailer combination has served the owner well and his new plans now make it available for another racer to use.  The truck is a 1990 Chevrolet Suburban SS454 so it has plenty of power to pull the trailer and the automatic transmission makes it easy to drive.   It is clean and in very nice shape with only 86,000 miles on it.  Almost all of those miles are on the highway since the first owner used it to haul his race car as well.  The truck has just been serviced and has a new water pump, hoses and belts and is ready to work.  Newly licensed and inspected.

The trailer is a 24 foot Haulmark which has had extensive updates making it a great race trailer.  To start with, a ramp system was installed inside with a winch in order to load two formula cars, which is impossible in other 24' trailers.  The winch and overhead bracing can also be used for changing engines.  If you do not need to haul two cars, the ramps can be easily removed.  A tire rack was installed as well as a storage rack for the plastic tubs almost universally used for parts storage.  At the front, a full height cabinet was installed for driver's suits, helmets and other items and next to it is a small work bench with vice which is perfect for changing gears and other maintenance items.  The trailer has four brand new tires and a new battery for the brakes and winch.  A nitrogen bottle is mounted beside the door and goes with the trailer.  A Pit Pal fuel jug rack is mounted on the right hand wheel well and a tool chest rack is mounted on the inside of the walk in door and room is provided for another top and bottom box.  This trailer was used for a Formula Atlantic and a Formula Ford.  With two cars on board, it is packed tight, but handles and hauls them quite well.  It will only take an afternoon of cleaning up to be ready to go racing.




$9500 takes Both
Prefer not to separate

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