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Motorsport Trader

Fiat Abarth Allemano 750
Chassis #611

This extremely rare car was discovered in a storage unit in Florida among a stash of motorcycles.  When we got it back to Texas, we began to realize that its condition was a bit rough.  The floor pan and rocker panels under the doors were severely rusted and the aluminum body had been previously repaired with a lot of Bondo.  Our goal is to bring the car back as close to the original 'as raced' condition as possible while using virtually no body filler.  We stripped the car to the bare body and had it soda blasted and then removed all the Bondo.  The aluminum panels have been reformed to the original shape and all the small parts have been cleaned and are awaiting new paint or plating as required.  Steve Jennings Racing Engines has rebuilt the engine so it will be a screamer.  As we have learned more about the history of this and all the 750s, we discovered that it is the earliest of all twenty two known to exist.  Check back for new photos and progress reports.


Aside from being very dirty, we discovered areas all over the aluminum body which had been bashed in on the track and then covered over with filler.  The flat area between the roll bar and engine compartment was pushed down probably because wheels or motorcycles had been stacked on it.

                    Fiat Abarth 750 Allemano as delivered

The roll bar in the car was made almost useless by the manner in which it was mounted.  It also added little stiffness to a car which needs all it can get.  The engine cover did not fit the opening.  All in all, it is a project which will require a lot of work to bring it back to really nice condition.

                       Condition was a little rough.

After the car was completely stripped. we discovered the original color was blue.  It was sent out for soda blasting to remove all the paint without harming the aluminum.

Soda blasting removed all the paint and rust but left the copious amounts of body filler which had been used to repair the aluminum body after some early 60s "rubbing" on the track.  Josh Anderson removes it here.

Before replacing the original rusted out floor pans, we built a bolt-in structure to maintain the proper dimensions of the driver's compartment.

The aluminum body is only .040 thick and the major structure of the car is in the floor area.  This led to numerous places which cracked in operation.  The racers of the car's early day repaired these cracks with bridge plates in some places as seen here and then slathered them over with Bondo.  We gas welded all these cracks and used the roll bar to stiffen the chassis so that they will not re-develop.

Years of storage and neglect (and the wet climate of Florida) badly rusted to floor panels.  The new ones were sourced from Italy.  They were a bit of work to get in but turned out quite nice.

The rocker panels and floor boards were both badly rusted and need replacement.  We found some new floor panels in Italy and made the rockers ourselves.  We even found some original copper rivets which were used to connect the rockers to the aluminum body.

The sheet steel panel below the header had been removed at some time so we recreated from photos of other Abarths.

After the floor panels were replaced, we fabricated new kick panels.  The originals were rusted along the bottom edges.

The new roll bar will better protect the driver and also stiffen the car for better handling.  Also, it should help to protect the thin aluminum body from repeated cracking.

Roll bar was tied into the chassis with stiffener plates.

The suspension has been cleaned, crack checked and brought back to new condition with the machining of new bushings.  The front spindle and A-arm assemblies are shown here.

As with the front suspension, the rear has been totally reconditioned as well.

After an extensive amount of shaping of the aluminum skin, the car was finally ready for paint.  The owner chose an early Fiat red that really sparkles against the black of the driver's and engine compartments.  Assembly is now underway.

The complete Fiat Abarth engine on Steve Jennings' dyno.  Notice the Weber DCOEs.

Completed engine as it
arrived.  It made really
good hp!

New 5 Speed from Italy.  We ordered it with limited slip.

Engine installed in chassis. 
People have remarked that
the carbs are as big as the

We chose a really nice pedal box for the car as well as some three piston Girling calipers for the front as came on some Alfas.

Check back for more reports as progress continues.