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Gearbox Service

For the last year, we have been making preparations to offer gearbox service to our customers.  This has entailed establishing parts sources, obtaining tooling and performing some gearbox rebuilds for selected clients to ensure we can give you excellent service.  During this time our gearbox specialist, Carl Correll has built production car boxes as well as Hewlands for some of our vintage car clients.  If you do not know Carl, he was gearbox man for two Indy car teams, Hall-VDS Racing and Bobby Rahal's Truesports.  He also worked for several years for Taylor Race Engineering.  He is very experienced and knows the inner workings of all Hewland boxes.  We can now offer gearbox service for the Hewland MK Series, FT, DG, LG, and VG boxes.  Our rates are competitive.  We welcome the large Hewland boxes that some shops shy away from.  Please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Here are comments from a couple of our early customers:

"I have done a LOT of shifting in my racing career and, without a doubt, the Metcalf Racing box is one of the best shifting, most precise and effortless gearboxes I have had the pleasure to use.  A good gearbox is a must have if you want that extra edge to win races."
Doc Bundy, Regogo Racing Lotus 23B, Hewland MK-5 Gearbox
Regogo Racing Lotus 79 Formula One, Hewland FGC Gearbox

"Works like a fine Swiss watch!!!  Shifts like I'm moving a toggle switch." 

Anonymous by request, HP Sprite, Spridget Gearbox
(His race organization frowns on dog engagement boxes!)

We offer blueprinting and partial rebuilding service. Partial service includes differential rebuilding, fork setting, Ring & Pinion replacement, layshaft replacement and other services.  Prices are shown lower on this page.    We also offer Quaife and Hewland differentials , Hewland parts of all types and Hewland gears. 

Complete Rebuild and Blueprint
Labor only.  Parts and machine work not included.*

 MK 4, 5, 6, 7   
MK 8, 9     
 Formula Mazda with rear cover upgrades 
 Elite Sequential  (F/SCCA, F/E)  
 Staffs Atlantic with oil pump
 FT-200 without oil pump
 FT-200 with oil pump  
 FTR                    1100.00
 FG, FG-400, FGA, FGC
 NST (Swift Formula Atlantic) 
 DG-300, DGA, DGB
 Indy car boxes based on the DG - Usually 1980-1990 March and Lola  1500.00
 LG-500, LG-600
 VG  1500.00
 Jerico and Quaife RWD transmissions   
 Spridget   750.00

*Note about labor prices:  The prices shown above are base labor prices.  The Mark series gearboxes are usually straightforward and offer few surprises.  Even if a MK box needs to be re-cased, new virgin cases are readily available.  Because of this we can stick very close to the base labor price, in most cases.  With some of the other boxes this is not always true.  The older Hewland boxes commonly found in vintage cars many times are from the 60s or 70s and have problems which are not as easily brought to "as new" condition.  As an example, we just finished the FG400 for Regogo Racing's Lotus 79 F1 car.  The box needed a new case.  The FG-400 case is no longer available and we had to use a newer FGC case which required many modifications to mate with the car and with the other original gearbox parts.   We always keep the overall cost in mind, but such modifications mean we must sometimes add time to the above prices.  All competent gearbox shops charge this way but not all of them explain their pricing up front.  Please call or email us to discuss your particular gearbox needs.

Ring & Pinion Replacement
Labor only.  Parts and machine work not included.**

Mark 4, 5, 6, 7
MK 8, 9, LD200, Staffs, Formula Mazda
FT, FG, Staffs Atlantic

**Note:  Setup of shift forks to match the new R&P is included in the price.