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Jet Hot Coatings

HPC - Jet Hot Coatings have become universal in motorsports, custom cars and street rods as the absolute best way to keep headers and exhaust systems looking good and reduce temperatures around headers to increase performance and protect bodywork.  In most forms of open wheel competition, we have a particular problem protecting fiberglass and carbon fiber located in the vicinity of headers from heat.  Failure to protect these parts leads to paint discoloration, bubbling and fiberglass or carbon fiber decomposition and de-lamination.  At the least, this detracts from the appearance of a nicely prepared car.  In the worst case it causes costly and time consuming replacement and repainting of the affected parts. 

Jet Hot coatings solve this problem and do it with a variety of finishes and colors.  You can chose a color to match your car's paint colors, accent them or you can choose several silvers, grays, black or white.  These finishes are available in three different temperature ranges which withstand temperatures to 1300 degrees F, 1700 degrees F or 2450 degrees F.  Click Here to see the available finishes.

Many of us have had header failures due to cracking near the flange which is caused by a combination of vibration and metal fatigue.  Heat accelerates this process.  Jet Hot coats the tubes inside and out protecting the headers by insulating the metal from the heat of exhaust gasses passing through the tubes.  This greatly increases the life of the header.  Many of our clients have experienced a header failure, bought a new header to replace it and had it coated before it was installed.  We have yet to see a header fail when coated from new.  I'm sure it will happen eventually, but it's safe to say that coated headers last much longer than non coated ones.

Headers and exhaust systems are not the only parts which benefit from Jet Hot coatings.  The heat produced in uncoated brake calipers turns them dark and ugly and allows oil, engine coolant, rubber and pad dust to bake on them, making cleaning difficult.  Coating calipers with Jet Hot coatings solves this problem, too.  For full bodied cars, many applications benefit from coating, from valve covers to turbo housings.  If you are building your own engine, we can offer thermal barriers and anti friction coatings for pistons and anti friction coatings specially formulated for gears and sliding parts.

We are proud to represent HPC - Jet Hot and offer their services to our clients.  Drop off or ship your parts to us, tell us which finish and color you would like and we will handle the rest.  We can even arrange pickup at the races we attend.  Turn around time is very quick, usually less than two weeks back to you.   Prices vary depending on the size of the components, so please contact us for a quote.  Get those parts coated now, before they cause a problem.