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Motorsport Trader

Marketing Opportunities

    The rise in popularity of NASCAR racing in recent years is a lesson on the effectiveness of corporate advertising through racing.  Sponsors now clamor for space on cars.  NASCAR is assuredly the most popular form of American motorsport but the marketing strategies they employ work equally well in every other form of racing, too.  Fan base, demographics and TV time are important but only ice the cake.  Many times the money has already been made before the car ever turns a wheel.  Sometimes generation of funds continues throughout the season.  On this page we'll explain how.

    Sponsors would not look for marketing opportunities in racing unless they proved to be very effective.  In fact, using auto racing as part of a coordinated marketing strategy or advertising campaign has proven so effective, many industries now make it an integral part, if not the cornerstone, of long term associations in racing.  RJ Reynolds, for example, has been marketing their products in both Formula One and Indy Cars, in addition to several other forms of racing, since long before they lost TV exposure.  Today we see the diversity of oil companies, telephone companies, financial institutions and even manufacturers of household cleaners as proponents of long term involvement in racing.

    Although Proctor and Gamble and Pennzoil may have multi-million dollar ad budgets and can support NASCAR and IRL teams, small to medium sized companies have opportunities to grow their businesses through racing, as well.  Most of the racing events we do at Metcalf Racing cater to regional markets in the south-central U.S. and we can help any business involved in this area to achieve its sales goals.  Additionally, we have plans for some high level pro racing and can help larger corporations meet their goals on either national or international scales.  We have several different means available, which can be used individually or in combination:  Point of purchase displays, corporate entertainment, partnerships with charities and synergistic partnerships are only some of them.

Point of Purchase Display

    If your business conducts retail sales, your company name associated with the high energy, high impact world of auto racing can be a very powerful and effective tool.  At no time in history has this been more true.  Racing alone now holds the ultimate clout for creating lasting impressions in the minds of your customers.  We routinely do displays of race cars at places of business,  handing out our sponsors' brochures and making eye-to-eye contact with their customers for sales events or special promotions.  We have a variety of cars which the fans find quite exciting.  We can tailor these displays to suit your needs, on your schedule at your stores. You will also benefit from even more exposure when we do point of purchase displays for our other sponsors, and at trade shows and business meetings held at major hotels as shown here.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas along these lines.

Corporate Entertainment

    How many business deals are made on the golf course?  The answer in the 21st century  is, just as many as are made at the race track!  Corporate entertainment has been around for a long time and is the foundation of much of the business conducted in America.  Your company's involvement in racing can bring together your customers and sales staff in a highly charged electric atmosphere that makes saying "yes" easy.  We can provide VIP credentials for entry to races, and tents with banquet facilities so you can entertain your guests.  Photo opportunities abound as your guests have their photos taken while sitting in a race car or chatting with a driver.  The bottom line is that a race is a great opportunity for you to make your client feel like an insider - a privilege he would not have if not for you and your participation in this exciting sport.  That means sales for you on Monday morning.  Please give us a brief description of your needs in corporate entertainment.

Synergistic Partnerships

    Do you have a potential client you have not yet been able to land?  We might be able to help.  One of the best ways in which motorsports marketing works is to assemble groups of businesses, which can each do profitable business with the others.  We are in a position to bring additional business to your company through such a group in a way in which everyone in the group makes money.  As an example, perhaps your company supplies IT services.  It is likely we might have a relationship with a company in need of a good IT provider or can find one.  We put the two of you together as sponsoring partners of Metcalf Racing and you both come out better as a result.  That is a simple example. Most are more complex with greater potential for additional b to b sales, and the concept is sound. The synergistic partnership in racing is becoming the predominant marketing tool within business because it works so well.  Please take a moment to tell us about your company so that we might be able to find the right place within racing to meet your marketing needs.

Charity Fund Raising

    Many businesses have favorite charities to whom they donate during the fiscal year.  Corporate sponsored fund raisers have become common such as 5K walks for Breast Cancer Research.  Since motorsports brings so many people together, it is a great venue with which to raise money for a wide variety of charities.  Several sponsors of a single team can work together to raise money or events can be arranged at races in which fans donate.  The possibilities are almost endless.  We would love to hear your ideas along these lines and discuss how such a strategy might fit into your corporate structure.

    Other programs can be developed coordinating your print and media advertising with involvement in racing.  Each program is unique because it is custom designed to meet your specific needs.  If you have ever wondered how your company's logo would look in the fast paced, exciting world of auto racing, this is your chance.  Regardless of the size of your company, we have the resources to help.  It's your opportunity not only to see your name on the cars, trailers and drivers' uniforms but to see the difference we can help you make in your annual bottom line.  For sponsors, racing does not cost money, it makes it!  Please contact us now so we can discuss your plans and needs and design a program in racing that will work for you.           
                                                           Winning in St. Louis.  Go with us next time!

We are ready now to use this car to help you increase sales and build your business.  Contact us now to discuss your plans and goals.