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Penske 7500
Available in Non, Single and Double Adjustable

No longer are hoses and remote canisters required to get the benefits of a Penske Racing Shocks double adjustable.

With 40 clicks of compression and 18 sweeps of rebound, the new in-line 7500DA shock absorber is quickly and easily tuned to accommodate any track or driving condition.

Featuring an aluminum body and nitrogen separator piston for increased performance, this damper is offered in a coilover or non-coilover style in 5.0", 6.0", 7.0", 8.0", 9.0", or custom body lengths.

The In-Line Double Adjustable 7500 Series Shock is available for drag, short track, sportscar, and high-performance street applications.  

  • Consistent Performance
  • Lightweight
  • Owner Rebuildable
  • Custom-Valved for Driver Feel or Chassis Set-Up

Please email us or call 972-494-3434 to discuss your shock needs.

Download 7500DA Drag Flyer   

Download 7500 General Flyer


The 7500 Series is our most popular short track shock option, featuring an aluminum body and nitrogen separator piston for increased performance. This damper is offered in a coilover or non-coilover style in all body lengths and is available as sealed, non-adjustable unit or with a single shaft adjuster. Single shaft adjuster options include rebound, compression, or open bleed bypass. A selection of fixed bleed jets are available for the non-adjustable version. The 7500 series is offered with either a 5/8" or 3/4" diameter shaft depending on the application. For increased accessibility, a remote cockpit adjuster is available as an additional option.

  • Non or single Adjustable
  • 5", 6", 7", 8", and 9" lengths
  • Assembled to customer specifications
  • Owner rebuildable and revalvable
  • Provisions for coilover kit (smooth body)
  • Consistent performance
  • Personalized set-ups
  • NASCAR approved

7500 Series Specifications

Part Number Smooth BodyPart Number Coilover BodyAdjustabilityExtended LengthCompressed LengthShaft TravelSpherical BearingWeight
PS-7505NAPS-7505CONANon15.883"11.178"4.705".500", .625" w2.19 lbs.
PS-7506NAPS-7506CONANon17.816"12.236"5.580".500", .625" w2.50 lbs.
PS-7507NAPS-7507CONANon20.024"13.444"6.580".500", .625" w2.87 lbs.
PS-7508NAPS-7508CONANon21.957"14.502"7.455".500", .625" w2.12 lbs.
PS-7509NAPS-7509CONANon24.166"15.711"8.455".500", .625" w3.50 lbs.
PS-7505SAPS-7505COSASingle16.133"11.428"4.705".500", .625" w2.19 lbs.
PS-7506SAPS-7506COSASingle18.066"12.486"5.580".500", .625" w2.50 lbs.
PS-7507SAPS-7507COSASingle20.274"13.694"6.580".500", .625" w2.87 lbs.
PS-7508SAPS-7508COSASingle22.207"14.752"7.455".500", .625" w2.12 lbs.
PS-7509SAPS-7509COSASingle24.416"15.961"8.455".500", .625" w3.50 lbs.