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Penske 8765

Please email us or call 972-494-3434 to discuss your shock needs.

The 8765 Series shock absorber takes the 8760 Series concept, and adds the F1 inspired dual-bleed shaft adjuster to become a 4-way adjustable damper. The dual bleed shaft adjuster allows independent adjustment of the amount of bleed past the main piston in both the rebound and the compression adjuster (30 clicks each), permitting fine tuning of the damper curve at extremely low velocities (0-0.5 in/sec). The canister adjusters allow tuning for high speed bumps, as well as medium speed curve shape. The compression adjuster features a 17 click preloaded shim stack to control the high speed. 25 clicks of adjustment on the low speed screw allow oil to bypass the high speed. The 8765 Series is available in a pibbyback or remote style mount.

  • Coarse ACME thread body for ease of adjustment
  • 45mm or 55mm bore size
  • 2.00", 2.25", or 2.50" spring hardware
  • Extended lengths range from 10.0" to 24.0"
  • Banjo swivel head hose available with remote version
  • Assembled to customer specifications
  • Owner rebuildable and revalvable
  • Consistent performance
  • Personalized set-ups

8765 Series Specifications

Part NumberBodyAdjustabilityExtended LengthCompressed LengthShaft TravelWeight
PS-8765RM-10.0"CoiloverTriple10.00"7.80"2.20"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-10.5"CoiloverTriple10.50"8.05"2.45"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-11.0"CoiloverTriple11.00"8.30"2.70"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-11.5"CoiloverTriple11.50"8.55"2.95"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-12.0"CoiloverTriple12.00"8.80"3.20"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-12.5"CoiloverTriple12.50"9.05"3.45"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-13.0"CoiloverTriple13.00"9.30"3.70"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-13.5"CoiloverTriple13.50"9.55"3.95"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765RM-14.0"CoiloverTriple14.00"9.80"4.20"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765RM-14.5"CoiloverTriple14.50"10.05"4.45"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765RM-15.0"CoiloverTriple15.00"10.30"4.70"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765RM-15.5"CoiloverTriple15.50"10.55"4.95"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765RM-16.0"CoiloverTriple16.00"10.80"5.20"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765RM-18.0"CoiloverTriple18.00"11.80"6.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765RM-20.0"CoiloverTriple20.00"12.80"7.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765RM-22.0"CoiloverTriple22.00"13.80"8.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765RM-24.0"CoiloverTriple24.00"14.80"9.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765PB-10.0"CoiloverTriple10.00"7.80"2.20"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-10.5"CoiloverTriple10.50"8.05"2.45"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-11.0"CoiloverTriple11.00"8.30"2.70"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-11.5"CoiloverTriple11.50"8.55"2.95"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-12.0"CoiloverTriple12.00"8.80"3.20"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-12.5"CoiloverTriple12.50"9.05"3.45"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-13.0"CoiloverTriple13.00"9.30"3.70"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-13.5"CoiloverTriple13.50"9.55"3.95"3.40 lbs.
PS-8765PB-14.0"CoiloverTriple14.00"9.80"4.20"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765PB-14.5"CoiloverTriple14.50"10.05"4.45"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765PB-15.0"CoiloverTriple15.00"10.30"4.70"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765PB-15.5"CoiloverTriple15.50"10.55"4.95"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765PB-16.0"CoiloverTriple16.00"10.80"5.20"3.60 lbs.
PS-8765PB-18.0"CoiloverTriple18.00"11.80"6.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765PB-20.0"CoiloverTriple20.00"12.80"7.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765PB-22.0"CoiloverTriple22.00"13.80"8.20"3.80 lbs.
PS-8765PB-24.0"CoiloverTriple24.00"14.80"9.20"3.80 lbs.