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Penske 8770 Canister Option

email us or call 972-494-3434 to discuss your shock needs.

With its heritage in F1 racing, the 8770 Series canister option is the most adjustable             canister offered within the Penske line.  High-speed compression damping is adjusted via a  highly responsive blow-off spring bypass and low inertial poppet valve.  The low-speed         compression damping circuit consists of a parabolic needle bypass of the high-speed circuit.  A quick responding return shim allows excellent response as the damper changes from         decelerating compression to accelerating rebound.  The 8770 canister option works with the 8760 and 8765 Series body sizes and spring hardware, allowing the use of 2.00", 2.25" and 2.50" springs.  It may also be configured as a remote reservoir version with banjo fittings     and has some alternate housings for non-coilover applications for enhanced reservoir           clearance.                                                                                                                                 
                 Tuning Adjustments:                    

                                    Low Speed Compression:                                                                                                                                                 
          30 clicks of adjustment control the low speed nose area of the curve.
           This adjuster is used to tune the roll stiffness, turn-in and  understeer.                                                       
                                      High-speed Compression:                                                                                     
64 Clicks of adjustment control the high-speed blow-off area of the curve and adjusts gross threshold of compression damping.  This adjuster is used to tune bumps and curbs, and to gain a general direction in damping levels.