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Motorsport Trader

Professional Open Wheel Race
Sanctioning Organizations

If you have plans to move into professional open wheel racing, you will need a lot of information.   You will find it here.  On this page is info on rules, specific car configurations, race schedules, TV schedules, budgets, contacts and much more for the most popular racing series in America.  Please click on the series which interests you from the list below.  We believe all information here to be correct as of August 2008.

Formula BMW Americas

F2000 Championship Series                                                            
Star Mazda Championship
Formula Atlantic Championship

Firestone Indy Lights

Indy Racing League

A note on driver licensing:  Each driver who competes in an ACCUS/FIA event must hold a license from the FIA.  In order to receive such a license, he or she must first hold a major license from an ACCUS/FIA member organization such as SCCA, IMSA or IRL.  For more information, please read Chapter 8 of the FIA International Sporting Code.

Formula BMW Americas

Sanctioned by IMSA


 Suspension: Typical double A-arm pushrod, mono-shock front
 Shocks: Sachs SP3 double adjustable
 Wheels: OZ magnesium, one piece, 8" X 13" and 10" X 13" center lock
 Tires: Michelin slicks and wets, 20/54-13 and 22/54-13
 Brakes: Alcon system with floating rotors, 2 piston calipers, driver adjustable bias
 Chassis: Carbon/Kevlar composite with aluminum honeycomb
 Safety: Constructed to FIA Formula 3 (Article 275, 2002), FORS Formula Rescue Seat which supports spine as driver is lifted out, HANS compatible, crash boxes front and rear, suspension tethered at each end
 Wings: Single element with flaps, Front - Single lower, double element upper, Rear
 Underbody: Stepped in three sections
 Gearbox: Hewland FTR 200 6 speed with Limited Slip, sequential shift
 Engine: In line 4 cylinder from BMW 1200RS motorcycle, DOHC, water cooled, 16 valves.  140 bhp at 9,000 - 117 nm at 6,850
 Fuel: Sunoco 100 GT unleaded
 Fuel Cell:
42 liters, FIA FT3 spec
 Exhaust: Header with closed loop 3 way catalyst
 Engine Management:
Bosh Motronic
 Data System:
2D Professional Plus, 8mb storage
 Length: 156.5 inches
 Width: 68.5 inches
 Height: 38.6 inches
 Track: 60.5 inches, front - 57.7 inches, rear
 Weight: 1023 without driver
 Cost:  (2005)
56,750 Euros    including wheels and tires, data system               
subject to change

So far, Formula BMW Americas has had a little trouble catching on and the fields are still a bit slim.  It is new and perhaps that situation will change in time.  The concept is promising, with races run in both North and South America although some feel it is a bit expensive because of the travel and the dollar to euro exchange rate.  It is, however, an entry level all carbon fiber race car and with only 140 hp going through the Hewland FTR box, it is certain no one will experience gearbox trouble.

 Official Test Schedule 2008
 April 5,6
 Virginia International Raceway
 April 25-27
 Miller Motorsports Park
 May 8,9
 Thunderhill Park
 July 29,30
 Putnam Park
 Sept 2,3
 Thunderbolt Raceway
 Race Schedule 2008
 May 16-18
 Laguna Seca Raceway
 June 6-9
 Montreal Street Circuit with Canadian GP
 June 20-22
 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
 July 11-12
 Lime Rock Park
 Aug 7-10
 Road America
 Sept 27-28
 Thunderbolt Raceway
 Oct 31-Nov 2
 Interlagos with Brazilian GP

Contact Information:

Series Manager
Michele Henn
Mobile: 201.463.8828

Technical Manager
Clay Filson
Phone: 614.579.2381

2D Data and Electrical Technician
Adam Covington
Phone: 330.388.5294

Chief Scrutineer
Scott Evans
Phone: 530.623.1664

Driver Coach
Peter Argetsinger

Guest Relations Manager
Chris Wakula
Phone: 248.853.7887
Mobile: 201.960.0797

Spares Program
Phone: 248.853.7887

Formula BMW Americas
Lapwing Management, Inc.

2800 Commerce Rd
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone: 248.853.7887
Fax: 248.853.7990

Simon Kirkby
Lapwing Management, Inc.
Phone: 248.761.2729

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F2000 Championship Series
Sanctioned by SCCA

The cars are single-seat, mid engine, open-wheel vehicles   powered by 2000cc Ford engines developing approximately 150 horsepower.
Two engine packages are currently legal in the F2000 Series.
Each engine utilizes a dry sump oil system.

1)  2000cc Ford NEA, four-cylinder, single overhead cam with crossflow cylinder head using a Weber 32-36 DGV carburetor.  This engine is a variation of the Pinto/Capri power plant.

2)  2000cc Ford Zetec twin cam 4 valve. electronic fuel injection, w/restrictor plate & Pectel T2 ECU mapped by the series. This engine is a variation of the Ford Focus ZX3 power plant.

Both engine types are built to SCCA Formula Continental rules & specifications. Neither is sealed but both are subject to internal inspection.

Quick change transmission with 4 forward speeds. All 4 gears are used on track and the ratios are changeable. An open  differential is required. Manufactures include Hewland, Staffs, and Webster.  The Hewland LD200 is the most common.
Tubular space frame, flat bottom with roll hoop and energy absorbing nose box and side impact protection. Primary manufacturers include Van Diemen, Mygale,  Piper and Citation.
Most cars utilize a dash / data logger system that displays and records a wide range of engine, chassis, and track information. Downloaded to a laptop computer, this data can be used to assist the driver and crew with set-up and driving issues.  Make of system is free.
Aerodynamic composite panels with quick release fasteners. Front and rear wings are free in design and adjustable for downforce tuning.  Diffusers attach under the car at the rear to further adjust downforce.
13-inch diameter center lock wheels of aluminum or magnesium are fitted front and rear. Maximum front wheel width is six inches. Rear wheels may be no more than eight inches wide.  Wheel manufactures include OZ & BBS.
An "F2000 spec" Hoosier bias ply slick or rain tire is used by all teams. Drivers must race on the same tires on which they qualify. Tires last approx. 6-8 heat cycles. Currently a 6 tire per event (Qualify & Race) rule is in effect.
Four-wheel disc, iron calipers with front-to-rear bias adjustable from the cockpit, as track conditions warrant.
Fully independent front and rear with adjustable anti-roll bars and shocks. Most cars utilize pushrod suspension. Shock absorber type is unrestricted, with most cars running 2, 3 or 4 way adjustable Penske, Dynamic, or Ohlins dampers.
Cars powered by the NEA/Pinto engine must weigh at least 1,210 lbs.  Cars powered by the Zetec engine must weigh at least 1,240 lbs.  Both weights include the driver, as qualified or raced after the session.
All cars must use Sunoco CAM2 Purple 110 racing fuel. The series ensures that the required fuel is available at all events.
All races are approximately 50 miles in length.

F2000 is not a one make series.  While it does use one of two available spec engines, the chassis is free within the rule framework.  This allows a team to alter frame, body, wings, brackets or any other part to improve the car's performance or to set it up for particular tracks or circumstances.  It is important to understand that such modifications are not only allowed but necessary be quick.  The series requires an SCCA National or SCCA Pro grade license. In addition all SCCA "Formula Continental Legal" cars are allowed to compete.

Download Registration Form

2008 Points and Purse

2008 Event Entry Form

2008 Schedule

 4-20-08  Virginia International Raceway
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 5-10-08  Road Atlanta
 with Formula Drift
 Winner - Jordan Taylor
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 6-15-08  Watkins Glen
 with HSR
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 Winner - Doug Prendeville
 7-13-08  Mid Ohio
 with NASA
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 Winner - Jonny Baker
 8-3-08  Road America
 With NASA
 Winner - Kyle Marcelli
 Winner - Niki Coello
 8-24-08  Mosport  With ALMS
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 Winner - Anders Krohn
 9-21-08  New Jersey Motorsports Park
   Winner - Anders Krohn

 Contact info  Departments
Series Mailing Address
F2000 Championship Series
PO Box 638
Sharon, CT 06069
Series Administrator:
Tel.: 860.364.5252
Fax.: 860.364.9362
Contact by Phone or Fax
Phone - 860.364.5252
Fax - 860.364.9362
Media Relations:


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Star Mazda
Sanctioned by IMSA

Constructor: Star Race Cars
Carbon fiber composite built to FIA standards
240 hp sealed Mazda RX8 Renesis rotary engine with encrypted ECU including rev limiter, pit speed limiter, traction control and fuel trim
Hewland FTR six speed sequential shift with no-lift shift
Pushrod operated inboard with two-way adjustable shocks, adjustable rear anti-roll bar, driver adjustable front anti-roll bar, front suspension tethered
Cockpit Safety:
FIA headrest/head side restraint compatible with HANS
Driver adjustable bias, 4 pot aluminum calipers with floating, vented iron discs
Wheels: Front - 9" X 13",  Rear 11" X 13" forged aluminum center lock
Tires:  Goodyear spec radial ply tires built for Star Mazda
Front track 61.5", Rear track 58.5", wheelbase 100.5", fuel cell capacity 19 US gallons, minimum weight 1090 lbs.
Data acquisition and instruments:
Motec ADL
Optional (subject to testing and rules review): Data acquisition, traction control defeat, fuel trim control

Star Mazda is certainly a one make series with few modifications allowed to the chassis and none to the engine.  For a spec car, however, it is quite good.  The engine makes good torque and power and the chassis and tires use it effectively.  The car is quite adjustable and very sensitive to setup changes.  All-in-all, it is a very good car and, with the depth of competition the class has attracted, the races remind the old timers of Formula Atlantic of the 1970s.

Download Registration Form

2008 Event Entry Form

2008 Supplementary Regulations

FIA License Application

IMSA Credentials Application

Download IMSA Code

Race Schedule

March 14 Sebring ALMS Winner - Joel Miller
May 17 Miller Motorsports Park ALMS Winner - John Edwards
June 7 Watkins Glen GrandAM Winner - Charles Hall
July 26 Portland Race #1 Feature Winner - Tom Gladdis
July 27 Portland Race #2 Feature Winner - John Edwards
August 9 Road America ALMS Winner - Peter Dempsey
August 17 Trois-Rivieres Feature Winner - Peter Dempsey
August 23 Mosport ALMS Winner - Peter Dempsey
Sept 13 New Jersey Race #1 Feature Winner - John Edwards
Sept 14 New Jersey Race #2 Feature Winner - Peter Dempsey
October 3 Road Atlanta ALMS Winner - John Edwards
October 18 Mazda Raceway ALMS Monterey, CA

For live timing and scoring during race weekends click here.

TV Schedule

Sunday, March 30 Sebring 3:00 PM
Saturday, May 31 Miller Motorsports Park 3:00 PM
Saturday, June 21 Watkins Glen 11:00 AM
Saturday, August 9 Portland #1 12:00 PM
Saturday, August 9 Portland #2 1:00 PM
Saturday, August 23 Road America 12:00 PM
Saturday, August 30 Trois-Rivieres 12:00 PM
Sunday, Sept 7 Mosport 11:00 AM
Saturday, Sept 27 New Jersey #1 1:00 PM
Saturday, Sept 27 New Jersey #2 2:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 18 Road Atlanta 12:00 PM
Saturday, Nov 8 Mazda Raceway 1:30 PM

All shows scheduled for one hour broadcasts on Speed Channel. Times subject to change.  Check your local listings. All times are Eastern Time Zone

Contact Info:

Main Office
Mailing Address:
Star Race Cars, 10639 Glenoaks Blvd. Pacoima, CA, 91331

E-mail and Telephone Contacts

Series President
Gary Rodrigues (818) 686-3350
Series Registration
Tracy Kush (818) 686-3350
Scott Kush (818) 686-3350
Timing and Scoring/Decals
Tony Rodrigues
(818) 686-3356
Parts Department (818) 686-3356



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Atlantic Championship
Sanctioned by IMSA

Constructor: Swift Engineering, Chassis 016a
Chassis: Carbon fiber composite built to FIA specs
Engine: 2.3-liter, four-cylinder, 16-valve, fuel-injected, Mazda-Cosworth YDX engine, producing 300 horsepower at 8,000 rpm.
Transaxle: Hewland SG-4 five speed
Suspension: Typical a-arm suspension with pushrod operated Dynamic DSSV cartridge shocks
Cockpit Safety:
FIA headrest/head side restraint compatible with HANS
Brakes: 4 pot aluminum calipers with floating PF discs
Wheels: 15" X 10' front, 15" X 14" rear, BBS forged aluminum
Tires: Cooper spec Atlantic  250/590-15 front, 350/610-15 rear
Dimensions: Front track 66", rear track 61", wheelbase 109"
Although the Atlantic Championship is experiencing an identity crisis now with the dissolution of Champ Car, it is being sanctioned by IMSA during the 2008 season.  As soon as news breaks on the 2009 season, we'll post it here.  For now, Atlantic is a stable, viable series and one which North America needs for its driver development program.  Formula Atlantic is a spec series with only the Swift chassis and the Mazda-Cosworth engine allowed.  Very few modifications are permitted.  It is a class in which a driver can continue to learn what he began in the lower formulae including Star Mazda but at a higher performance level.  Although engineers are required to help with setup, it is not a class which encourages thinking outside the box.  Minimum driver age is 16 and all drivers must hold a valid international FIA grade C license.  Current driver licensing requirements are listed under Champ Car rules and may be revised at the end of the 2008 season.

Download Atlantic Championship rules

FIA License Application

IMSA Credentials Application

Download IMSA Code

2008 Schedule

 February 5
 Sebring  Open Test
 March 10
 Laguna Seca
 Spring Training
 March 25
 MSR Houston
 Open Test
 April 20
 Long Beach
 Winner - Simona De Silvestro
 May 18
 Laguna Seca
 Winner - James Hinchcliffe
 June 29
 Mont Tremblant
 Winner - Junior Strous
 July 25
 Edmonton  Winner - Jonathan Bomarito
 Winner - Jonathan Summerton
 August 10
 Road America
 Winner - Jonathan Bomarito
 Winner - Jonathan Summerton
 August 17
 Trois Rivieres
 Winner - Jonathan Bomarito
 September 14
 New Jersey Motorsports Park
 Winner - Carl Skerlong
 September 21
 Miller Motorsports Park
 Winner - Markus Niemela
 October 3
 Road Atlanta
 Winner - Markus Niemela

Champion - Markus Niemela

Contact Information:

Atlantic Racing Series, LLC
1531 East Northfield Drive, Suite 300
Brownsburg, IN 46112
Phone: (317) 858-0400
Fax: (317) 858-7717
Vicki O'Connor
Phone: (317) 858-0400
Nate Siebens
Director of Communications
Phone: (386) 624-7603
Anne Roy
Promotions and Communications Director
Phone: (317) 716-9313


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Firestone Indy Lights

Sanctioned by IRL

  Constructor:                    Dallara Automobili, Italy

Type: Open-wheel, single-seat, open-cockpit and ground-effect underbody; outboard wings front and rear
Construction: Monocoque contains cockpit, fuel cell and front suspension; engine is stressed member of chassis; rear assembly contains gearbox and rear suspension members
Materials: Carbon fiber and composites
Weight: 1,430 pounds minimum, including all lubricants and coolants used during the event, but does not include fuel or driver
Length: 191.5 inches minimum
Width: 75 inches, plus or minus 1/2 inch.
Wheelbase: 117 inches.
Wheel Size: 15-inch diameter x 10 front; 15-inch diameter x 14 rear.
Tires: Firestone Firehawk
Gearbox: Ricardo six forward gears, sequential shifter, gears forward of rear axle
Fuel Cell: Single, rupture-proof cell, 25 U.S. gallons (standard)
Cost: $137,900 (including data acquisition system)  Engines leased.

 Safety: Suspension is tethered at all four corners.
FIA headrest/head side restraint compatible with HANS.
Includes collapseable steering shaft.
Attenuators attached to the rear of the gearbox to lessen g-forces in rear-impact crashes.
Delphi Accident Data Recorders are installed in all IndyCar Series cars.
Car includes a Delphi Yellow Light System.  When a caution is called on the track, a yellow light blinks in the cockpit, providing the driver with immediate notification of the caution.

Indy Lights is another one make series which, like Star Mazda and Atlantic, uses a chassis which is very good.  Dallara is one of the most popular chassis builders in Europe virtually dominating the F3 class in recent years.  The Indy Lights chassis was originally used in Formula 3000 and took a little development the first season to make it work on ovals.  We took part in that development ourselves.  Now it exhibits few problems.  With 430 horsepower on tap, performance is quite brisk and the cars circulate on the big ovals at around 194 mph. 

Regardless of the type of license you hold, IRL requires you pass a rookie test.  To apply for a test you must first submit the IRL driver's license and membership applications along with a racing resume and a letter of recommendation from the competition director of a series in which you have competed.  If you are accepted on the basis of your experience and recommendations, your test will consist of four sessions of ten laps each at varying speeds.  IRL will then issue a license at its discretion.

2008 Schedule

 March 29
 Homestead-Miami Speedway
Winner -
Dillon Battistini
 ESPN2 April 3 @ 4PM
 April 5
 St. Petersburg Street Circuit
Winner -
Raphael Matos
Winner -
Richard Atinucci
 ESPN2 April 10 @ 2PM
 April 27
 Kansas Speedway
Winner -
J.R. Hildebrand
 ESPN2 May 1 @ 2PM
 May 23
 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Winner -
Dillon Battistini
 ESPN2 May 31 @ 1PM
 June 1
 The Milwaukee Mile
Winner -
Bobby Wilson
 ESPN2 June 5 @ 1PM
 June 21
 Iowa Speedway
Winner -
Dillon Battistini
 ESPN2 June 26 @ 5:30PM
 July 5
 Watkins Glen
Winner -
Raphael Matos
Winner -
Richard Atinucci
 ESPN2 July 10 @ 2PM
 July 12
 Nashville Speedway
Winner -
Ana Beatriz
 ESPN2 July 17 @ 2:30PM
 July 19
 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
Winner -
Raphael Matos
Winner -
James Davison
 ESPN2 July 24 @ 2PM
 August 9
 Kentucky Speedway
Winner -
Dillon Battistini
 ESPN2 Aug 14 @ 2PM
 August 23
 Infineon Raceway
Winner -
Franck Perera
 ESPN2 Aug 28 @ 5PM
 September 7
 Chicagoland Speedway
Winner - Arie
Luyendyk Jr.
 ESPN2 Sept 7 @ 12:30PM

Champion - Raphael Matos


 Date:  Track:
 April 4
 St. Petersburg Street Circuit - doubleheader
 April 18
 Long Beach Street Circuit
 April 25
 Kansas Speedway
 May 22
 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
 May 30
 The Milwaukee Mile
 June 20
 Iowa Speedway
 July 4
 Watkins Glen
 July 11
 Toronto Street Circuit
 July 25
 Edmonton City Centre Airport
 August 1
 Kentucky Speedway
 August 8
 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
 August 22
 Infineon Raceway
 August 29
 Chicagoland Speedway
 October 10
 Homestead-Miami Speedway

Contact Information:

Roger Bailey
Firestone Indy Lights Executive Director
4565 West 16th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46222
317-492-6525 fax

John Lewis
Director of Operations

Tiffany Hemmer
Director of Administration

Indy Racing League


Type: Open-wheel, single-seat, open-cockpit and ground-effect underbody; outboard wings front and rear.
Construction: Monocoque contains cockpit, fuel cell and front suspension; engine is stressed member of chassis; rear assembly contains clutch housing, gearbox and rear suspension.
Materials: Carbon fiber, kevlar and other composites
Weight: 1,565 pounds minimum for ovals and 1,640 pounds minimum for road courses, including driver, fuel and all lubricants and coolants.
Length: 192 inches minimum
Width: 78.5 inches maximum, 77.5 inches minimum (measured outside rim to rim)
Height: Approximately 38 inches
Wheelbase: 120 inches, plus or minus 2 inches (118 inches to 122 inches)
Wheel Size: Front: 15 inches diameter, 10 inches wide
Minimum weight: 13.48 pounds
Rear: 15 inches diameter, 14 inches wide
14.70 pounds
Tires: Firestone Firehawk
Front diameter: 26 inches maximum, 25 inches minimum @ 35 psi
Rear diameter: 27.5 inches maximum, 26.5 inches minimum @ 35 psi
Gearbox: XTRAC #295 gearbox (gears forward of rear axle) Six forward gears, Mega-Line Assisted Gear Shift (paddle-shift)
Fuel Cell: Single, rupture-proof cell, 22 U.S. gallons (standard)
Manufacturers: Dallara Automobili, Italy

 Cost:                      $315,000 plus spares, road course configuration parts


Type: 3.5-liter V-8, 32-valve dual-overhead cam, Normally aspirated Max. bore diameter 93 millimeters.
Weight: Minimum weight is 280 pounds. Dry weight - no headers, clutch, ECU, spark box or filters
RPM: 10,300 maximum (IRL-supplied rev limiter)
Power: Estimated 650 horsepower
Fuel: 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol
Injector: Electronic
Models: Honda Racing HI7R Indy V-8
Manufacturer: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
 Cost:                 Engines leased

Everyone already knows what an Indy car is and what thr IRL is all about so we will not belabor the point here.  If you are thinking of running with the Indy Racing League you are already aware that it will take $6 million or more to run one car.  As in any technological endeavor, the more you spend, the better your chance of success.

As with Indy Lights, to be licensed to drive an IRL car, you must pass a rookie test.  It is conducted in a similar manner to the Indy Lights test described above.  For contact information to apply for a test, see the section at the bottom of this page.

2008 Schedule

Date Event Track TV Time/Network
March 29
GAINSCO Auto Insurance Indy 300 Homestead-Miami Speedway 8 p.m./ESPN2
April 6
Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Streets of St. Petersburg 2:30 p.m./ESPN
April 19
Indy Japan 300 Twin Ring Motegi Midnight live/ESPN2 :: 3 p.m./ESPN
April 27
Road Runner Turbo Indy 300 Kansas Speedway 5 p.m./ESPN2
May 25
92nd Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Noon/ABC
June 1
ABC Supply/AJ Foyt Indy 225 The Milwaukee Mile 4 p.m./ABC
une 7
Bombardier Learjet 550 Texas Motor Speedway 10 p.m./ESPN2
June 22
Iowa Corn Indy 250 Iowa Speedway 1 p.m./ABC
June 28
SunTrust Indy Challenge Richmond International Raceway 8 p.m./ESPN
July 6
Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen Watkins Glen International 3:30 p.m./ABC
July 12
Firestone Indy 200 Nashville Superspeedway 8 p.m./ESPN
July 20
Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course 1:30 p.m./ABC
July 26
Rexall Edmonton Indy Streets of Edmonton 5 p.m./ESPN
Aug 9
Meijer Indy 300 Kentucky Speedway 6:30 p.m./ESPN2
Aug 24
PEAK Antifreeze & Motor Oil Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma County Infineon Raceway 5:30 p.m./ESPN2
Aug 31
Detroit Indy Grand Prix The Raceway at Belle Isle Park 3:30 p.m./ABC
Sept 7
PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300 Chicagoland Speedway 3:30 p.m./ABC
Oct 6
Nikon Indy 300 Streets of Surfers Paradise, Australia TBD

2009 Schedule

 April 5  Streets of St. Petersburg    
 April 19  Streets of Long Beach    
 April 26  Kansas Speedway    
 May 24  Indianapolis Motor Speedway    
 May 31  The Milwaukee Mile    
 June 6  Texas Motor Speedway    
 June 21  Iowa Speedway    
 June 27  Richmond International Raceway    
 July 5  Watkins Glen International    
 July 12  Streets of Toronto    
 July 26  Edmonton City Centre Airport    
 August 1  Kentucky Speedway    
 August 9  Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course    
 August 23  Infineon Raceway    
 August 29  Chicagoland Speedway    
 September 6  The Raceway at Belle Isle Park    
 September 19  Twin Ring Motegi    
 October 11  Homestead-Miami Speedway    

Contact Information:

Indy Racing League
4565 West 16th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46222
317-492-6525 fax

Business Affairs:
317-4926525 fax

317-492-8730 fax

317-492-8789 fax

Public Relations:
317-492-6525 fax

317-492-6525 fax

317-492-6525 fax

 Brian Barnhart
 President and Chief Operating Officer
 Phil Casey
 Senior Technical Director
 Leslie Mactaggart
 Senior Technical Director
 John Lewis
 Senior Director of Operations
 Henry Bock, M.D.
 Senior Medical Director
 Tiffany Hemmer
 Director of Administration
 Al Unser, Sr.
 Driver Coach
 Suesan Potter
 Office Manager