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Race Cars We Have Sold

1982 Lola T-640 Formula Ford - ex Michael Andretti  --  SOLD
1976 Merlyn MK30 Formula Ford  --  SOLD
1985 Kraco Prototype Indy car  --  SOLD
1978 Lola T-620 Formula Super Vee  --SOLD

1969 Merlyn MK11A
  --  SOLD

1987 March 87C Indy Car  --  SOLD
1997 Van Diemen RF97 Formula Continental (F/2000)  --  SOLD
1979 Lola T-540 Formula Ford --  SOLD
1968 Lotus 51B F/F  --  SOLD
1976 Crossle 30F F/F  --  SOLD
1978 Crossle 35F F/F  --  SOLD

Let us take the hassle out of selling your vintage race car or exotic road car.  We work with buyers all over the world to sell you car and ensure your maximum return.  Our services include vehicle storage at our secure facility, worldwide marketing and access to our worldwide client base.  We sell cars regularly to the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan as well as here in North America.  We also do pre-purchase inspections for buyers looking at cars listed for sale by others.  Please Contact Us today to discuss your plans to buy or sell a car.

To let us help you buy or sell a car, please call us at 972-494-3434.


Lola T-640 FF, ex Andretti

This car we did not even have to advertise before it sold.  This is a Formula Ford from Michael Andretti's second year of racing.  He began with an 81 Van Diemen and switched to a pair of Lolas in 1982.  The first one was written off at the June Sprints that year and this car, the backup, was pressed into service.  It qualified on the pole for the Runoffs but Andretti finished third.  Meanwhile, a new car was ordered so that he would still have a spare and it now resides (as far as we know) in Austraiia.

We did a complete restoration on the car, so it is now an absolute perfect, brand new 33 year old car!  The frame and suspension were powder coated, all nickel parts were re-plated and polished.  In fact every single part of the car was reconditioned to be as new.  It was run only twice, once at COTA with SVRA in 2014 and once at TWS with CVAR in 2015.  The car has now been sold and is a part of our in house Lola T-640 team for vintage racing.

$30,000 Firm


Please call us about this magnificent car.

Merlyn MK30 Formula Ford

We are very sad that our long time friend and client Brian Findley of Little Rock passed away recently of a sudden and quite unexpected heart attack.  This Merlyn was his primary race car (he had several).  He always saw to it that we gave the car the very best of everything it needed.  As you can see, it has recent and quite nice paint.  It also has new C&R aluminum radiators, vintage legal Penske 7500DA shocks, Jet Hot coated exhaust, a custom aluminum swirl pot and a custom ATL fuel cell.  The cell is so new that it has never had fuel in it!  The one year old belts are OMP and are good through 2018.  New dog rings in the box.  All rod ends tight.  The engine is a fresh Farley with only 5 hours on it.  Leakdown shows only 2% on all four cylinders.  The car is well prepared and completely sorted and comes with records.  It includes three sets of wheels, all in perfect condition, 12 gear sets, and a spare nose and tail which are painted, numbered and ready to use.  The two tails which come with the car are a short tail and long tail.  The long tail is pictured here.  This is not a show car, it is a driver's car which needs little, if anything.


  Spare frame, perfect condition, powder coated, floor pan installed, ready to go
            Four aluminum body Koni shocks, single adjustable - used but in good shape
            One pair Hyperco springs, 350# - new, still in box
            One pair Hyperco springs, 400# - new, still in box
            Two original Merlyn brass radiators, used and still useable
            Two rear brake rotors, used and still useable
            One rear wheel bearing, new, still in box
            One original Merlyn swirl pot, used and still useable
            One foam air cleaner, brand unknown, needs new foam element
            Twelve MK9 gear sets, used but in good shape
            Two sets Panasport wheels, used but almost new

$15,000 Firm

Please contact us for more information about this great car.

1978 LeGrand MK18  D/SR

In the 60s and 70s, Red LeGrand made a significant impact on the race car construction industry building a wide variety of open wheel and sports racing cars.  He built several Formula Fords and a few F/5000 cars.  His biggest success, however, was the MK-18 Sports Racer.  These cars were produced in kit form as well as complete cars from 1974 through 1978.  This MK-18 was purchased fully assembled from Red in 1978 and has logbooks going back the the original race in April of that year.  It is fitted with a water cooled Kawasaki ZX-10 engine of 1000cc equipped with an Accusump.  Two extra air cooled Kawasaki engines come with it which were spares for the previous owner.  They are both partially disassembled but are equipped with one extra set of engine mounting plates, Solex carbs and headers.  Air cooled engines in these cars were troublesome, but the water cooled units are quite reliable.  The ZX10 can make upwards of 200 bhp.  The car comes with two sets of original LeGrand magnesium 7.5 X 13" front wheels and 9.5 X 13" rears and weighs in at 825 pounds.  With a car this light, the power-to-weight ratio is equivalent to Formula Atlantic cars.   The roll bar and seat upholstery have recently been redone and a custom cockpit cover was made and is included.

This car is located in Alamagordo, New Mexico and we have not seen it ourselves.  It appears that it may need a bit of cleaning up, but the owner assures us that he would only bleed the brakes and charge the battery before heading to the track.  There is a large cult following for LeGrand sports racers running in Vintage Racing and in SCCA B Mod solo.  Parts and good advice seem to be easy to find.


One extra set of magnesium LeGrand wheels
Two spare air cooled Kawasaki 1000cc engines
Assorted smaller spares

1985 Kraco Prototype Indy Car
One of a Kind

Following the success of Jim Hall's Chaparral in 1980, other CART teams began building their own cars such as Penske and Rahal.  (We believe te Rahal was tested but never raced.)  In 1985, Maury Kraines of Kraco had Don Haliday design and build this prototype which was to be called the Kraco KR-1 Indy Car.  The car was completed and tested with Cosworth DFX power and, so the story goes, Robin Herd from March heard about it.  That's when he flew to California to meet with Maury and convinced him to become the March factory team rather than build his own cars.  If not for that rather persuasive trip, Michael Andretti might have achieved his success in '87 in a proprietary Kraco built car instead of a March. 

This particular car has a chassis plate describing it as "Kraco KR-1 001 Prototype".  We have numerous spares for it including many wing and suspension parts.  It is currently set up as a show car with a dummy Cosworth in it and a gearbox with "Kraco" cast into the side. After a little investigation, we now believe the gearbox still has all its internals.  We think these are standard Hewlad DGB parts as most Indy car gearboxes of the period use. It retains almost all of the other original parts, too, including instruments, brakes, radiators, oil cooler, etc.  The car was not stripped as many show cars have been.  The only missing items we have discovered are the half shafts and one rear sway bar link.  It should be very easy and inexpensive to get it running again with either Cosworth or, with a little effort, Chevrolet power.  The paint scheme is the same as Danny Sullivan's car carried at the Indy 500 in 1992 when he drove for Kraco so we believe it was last used as a show car for that event.  It can be used as a show car again with almost no effort or could be raced in Euro BOSS, US BOSS or USSS.   This one is very inexpensive.  You will not find a more complete car any cheaper.

This will be a great car in which to run the US BOSS or USSS




$25,000 or Interesting Trade
Also available with fresh Cosworth DFX

Please request additional photos or information by clicking here.

Lola T-620 Formula Super Vee

In 1978 VW of America supported a pro series for open wheel cars using modified VW Rabbit engines.  This series was the result of a rule change concerning the earlier Formula Super Vee cars which used air-cooled Bug engines.  The pro class instantly became a training ground for young drivers and many went on to become household names in Indy car and Formula One racing.  This example is one of the earliest cars using the water cooled format, Lola T-620 HU-2.  We found this car languishing in a garage in 2012 and did a complete restoration on it.  It was taken down to the bare tub and some of the aluminum panels were replaced.  The rear aluminum bulkhead had been drilled so many times that it had become the "swiss cheese" panel you hear about.  It was replaced with a rear bulkhead of 4130 for greater stiffness.  All the steel parts were re nickel plated including A-arms, roll hoops, brackets and other small parts.  The 1600cc injected engine was freshened by Curtis Farley Engines and we freshened the MK-9 five speed gearbox replacing every moving part inside.  The 8" and 10" wheels were powder coated and re-sealed with new O-rings.  We cleaned up the fiberglass and applied the tri-color paint.  As you can see, this is a brand new 1978 Lola.

Water cooled Super Vees are comparatively inexpensive to run.  The engines are not highly stressed and are built using many stock parts, much like Formula Ford.  Parts for the Hewland MK series gearbox are much cheaper than the FT-200 parts.  With this Lola, you can run SVRA's "wings and slicks" class for much less than with a Formula B or Formula Atlantic car.  It has logbooks all the way back to 1979 and has an active annual tech in the current logbook. 

The owner decided that open wheel racing is not for him and has now made the car available.  He spent an obscene amount of money in the restoration and now you can be the beneficiary of his efforts. 

This car is brand new and ready to go!

Spares include:

One extra set of wheels mounted with new rain tires
A second extra set of wheels composed of three 6" wide and one 8" wide - need one 8" to complete the set
Extra Bosch mechanical injection system
Extra Bosch starter
Extra header
Two halfshafts with CVs
Various gearbox parts
13 extra gear sets in wooden case
Other small spares

Two fresh DCOE carbs on manifiod also available


The owner spent much more than this amount on the restoration alone.

Please call 972-494-3434 or contact us for more information on this car.

1969 Merlyn MK11A
Formula Ford

This is a really nice Formula Ford which has been well maintained by Don Blenderman in Houston.  The first thing you will notice about it is that it is very clean.  It comes with new belts that are good through 2015, fresh cylinder head, new oil cooler, fresh Dunlop tires and an extra set of chrome wheels. The car also comes with gears for Hallett  Motor Racing Circuit and Texas World Speedway.  One of those is a slow track and the other quite fast, so you have a selection of gears.  The Merlyns were extremely fast and popular cars in SCCA in the early 70s, but many were cobbled into autocross cars or written off in crashes so not too many are left.  This is certainly a fine example of a well cared for Merly MK 11A.

Please call or
click here  for more photos or additional information.




March 87C Indy Car

This is one of two identical Marches used by Michael Andretti during the 1987 CART season when he drove for the Kraco team from Los Angeles.  He won four races that year and finished second in the championship.  Records have been lost but we believe this is the car in which he won Miami and Nazareth, his home track.    The year after its only season of competition, Kraco changed their paint scheme just slightly and repainted the car. Whether the car was used as a spare in the '88 season or as a show car, we are not sure.  Whatever the reason, they did not strip this one to save the expensive bits like the engine.  It is complete and functional in every way.  We purchased this car directly from Kraco where it was their centerpiece display of their trophy room.  Of all their cars, this is the one in which they felt the most pride.

After we received the car, we went through it to check condition.  Any car, after sitting unused for so long, will need to have the hydraulic systems rebuilt.  We did this and the brake and clutch systems are now ready to go.  We also pulled the undertray to examine it for scrapes and cracks and found none.  We examined the underside of the engine while it was off and it is clean and error free.  We then opened the fuel cell to check for debris.  It was clean as was the fuel pump and everything in the fuel system.  We even pulled the cam covers to ensure there were no problems lurking in the top of the Cosworth DFX.  The car is perfect.  The one thing we feel which should be done before returning the car to the track, though, is to freshen the engine.  Like hydraulics, high RPM engines do not like to sit for long periods of time without being turned over.  Piston rings and valve springs tend to go away.  For that reason, we feel it would be best to have that work done before racing the car and have spoken to VDS Engines in Indianapolis about doing it.  They have estimated about $20,000 for the job.

You will find other similar Indy cars available for sale.  We have found an 86C March in Kraco colors (less engine) which was used prior to Andretti's "magic season".  We also have found a couple which were never Kraco cars but were painted in their famous color scheme.  This car is the real thing.  It comes with documentation from Kraco verifying its heritage.

This is a very historic Indy car that almost everyone knows.  I cannot count the times I have heard someone say something like, "I had a Hot Wheels model of it when I was a kid!".  Now that the recession is coming to an end, we feel the value Indy cars with pedigrees like this one will begin to rise.  Whether you want to put it on the track in the US or Euro BOSS series or just take pride in adding it to a collection, you will not find a better one anywhere in the world.  Please take a moment to examine the photos below.  Feel free to contact us for more information and detailed photos.  We can arrange shipping internationally.

                 Driver's View                                                            Lower Cockpit

                  Cosworth DFX                                                     Right Side Pod

                              Turbo                                                                Inside Fuel Cell

                   Fuel Pump                                                             Cam Covers Off

                         Road America '87                                               Indy 500 '87

            Texas World Speedway 2009
   Notice the slight variation in paint.  This was
                   done by Kraco in 1988.

We are keeping the price intentionally low at $75,000


Please contact us for more information on this very special car.

RF97 Van Diemen F/C

This Formula Continental is perfect in almost every way and will put you in the lead in almost any SCCA Naitional.  The engine is a low time Pinto from Steve Knapp.  It has only four race weekends on it.  The car has fresh paint, fresh AN hoses and AN hardware.  Many items have been recently powder coated.  Everything has been checked including professional alignment and has one weekend on it since.  The car is fitted with a High Tech header, Penske triples and a CDS Data Commander system with Pi dash.  It also comes with a load of spares including:  Standard rear wing, Super-speedway rear wing, low speed diffuser, high speed diffuser, extra front wings, extra nose box, extra LD ratios and many more.  The wings and diffusers are not the cobbled up spares most cars come with.  These are perfect condition, painted and ready to go.  The belts are good through 2013.  If you have ever bought a used race car before that was said to be "race ready' you have probably been disappointed.  This is the car that will not disappoint.  We have prepped this car ourselves for a client who wanted the best of everything.  We only know of three things which would make it better.  The rotors are beginning to get loose and should be replaced soon, the clutch slave cylinder is still the stock Van Diemen unit and has not been upgraded to a Tilton cylinder yet and we are not completely satisfied with the fit of the engine cover.  Other than those things, we believe everything on the car to be absolutely first class.

Nathan Thompson in the RF97 on the Texas Motor Speedway Oval/Road Course (in #23).  It was Nathan's first time in the car, first time on the track and our first time to run the car.  We used the high speed setup here as seen in the single rear wing and front wings without winglets.  He scored an impressive second place in the National the first time out.

Here is the list of spares for the car:

        (2) lower front, new
        (1) upper front,  used  (dented and needs repair)
        (2) lower rear, new
        (1) upper rear, used
        (3) pushrods
Extra anti-roll bars and parts
Four used brake rotors (mounting holes are in better condition than the ones on the car)
Assorted spring sets
Front upright
Stock Van Diemen header
Two sets OZ wheels
Mounted rains
Complete extra rear wing with mounts ready to install
Complete extra nose box with wings.  Needs minor work to be ready to install.
Extra diffuser ready to install
Several extra front wing winglets, side plates Gurney flaps, etc.  ready to use
Misc engine gaskets
Two extra fuel pumps
Misc small engine parts
Misc small chassis parts

$18,500  OBO

Price lowered to $17,000


This car was recently sold.  Due to an unexpected medical condition, the buyer can no longer race.  As a courtesy, we have retracted the sale and the car is now available again.

We have many detailed photos of the car and spares.  If we don't have shots of the parts you want to see, we'll be happy to take some.  Just let us know what you would like.

  Request additional photos or information by clicking here.

1979 Lola T-540
Formula Ford

This Lola Formula Ford was run in CVAR by Pete Hoekenga and he won most of the FF races and championships in the car for a number of years.  When he retired, he let us use the car as a rental.  It was only rented for one race before Pete asked us to sell the car for him.  The current owner is new to Formula Ford and has decided to go another direction.  Because of this, he asked us to sell the car once more for him. 

It is impossible to emphasize enough what a strong Formula Ford this car is.   It is clean and  extremely well maintained.  It has new Willians belts, Tilton clutch and C&R aluminum radiator.  We built a new Bead Seat for the owner who is of average build.  If you are close to him, you have a first rate seat.  The stock seat comes as a spare.   If you want a car which will require very little work and be competitive at any level of vintage or Club Ford racing, this is it.  If you would like to see detailed photos of the car, please ask us.

Spares:  Complete FF Engine (tired)
               One set Revolution wheels
               Mounted new rain tires
               Two extra Revolutions
               Spare nose, painted and ready
               Spare stock seat
               Suspension A-arms and trailing links
               Used brake caliper
               Master cylinders, some new, some used
               Five gearsets
               Other gearbox internal spares
               New fuel pump
               CV joints
               Cast iron FF crankshaft
               9/31 Ring & Pinion
               Lots of other small parts

Please call if you would like to see detailed photos of the car.

This is a fast car that will help you win races.  Call us quickly! 


 contact us
for more information



Lotus 51B Formula Ford

Here is a really nice Lotus 51B we believe to have been built in 1968.  It uses the Uprated Kent engine and Hewland MK-8 gearbox.  The engine was built by Jay Ivey and the gearbox by Craig Taylor, both in 2001.  The car has three race weekends on it since that time.  This car has had much attention to detail having Koni shocks, fuel cell, a stainless steel anti-reversion header,  new wishbones fabricated from 4130 and TIG welded, then nickel plated, AN brake lines, adjustable radius rods, a very nice upholstered seat, and numerous other small details.  Since restoration, it has had professional preparation and always received everything it needed.  This Formula Ford is beautiful in every way and gets a great deal of attention at each event.  Ready for SVRA, HSR, VARA, SOVREN or other vintage group.  The car is currently on display at the NTX Auto Museim in Dallas, TX.




We have a large cache of spares for this car including the following:  

          The complete set of original suspension parts
          2 new Ball Joints
          2 new Tie Rod ends
          2 used Tie Rod ends
          1 Anti-roll Bar link
          2 used Donuts
          1 set new Plug Wires
          1 used ignition coil
          2 new Distributor caps
          1 Weber carb
          2 oil filters
          Misc carb parts
          Misc ignition parts
          1 new Rain Light
          1 set of used, but still usable, brake pads
          Misc other small spare parts
          4 MK-8 gearsets, 16/34, 23/27, 26/26, 25/27

Offers near $30,000 will be considered for this truly beautiful and historic car.
We recently accepted an offer of $28,500 for this Lotus but the buyer did not come through.  Take advantage of his negotiation skills. 

It can now be yours for $28,500.


Crossle 30 Formula Ford

One race on fresh 1600
New paint
Two 32F noses, one 30F nose
Rev limiter
Koni steel shocks
Aluminum radiator
One set Revolutions
Rains on steel wheels
Other misc spares
This car has turned 1:20.1 at Hallett

This great Crossle 30F has seen two additional race weekends since this ad was originally placed here, so the engine now has a total of three weekends on it.  One of those weekends resulted in a win in the CVAR Open Wheel Enduro at Texas World Speedway.  Since those events, it has had the tach drive tang at the front of the cam replaced, had all the hydraulic systems renewed and has received new SPA mirrors.  If you can drive, you can win in this car.  The price has now been reduced to:
Price reduced now to $17,000
with free set of new Hoosier slicks


Please contact us for more info on this great car.

Crossle 35 Formula Ford

We think this is the very first 1979 35F built - chassis number 01.  Currently fitted with a 45F nose.  This car is extremely clean and ready for you to hear it run.

Paul Curley engine, one weekend old

VARA certified
High-Tech anti-reversion header
Carrera shocks
6 extra gearsets
Gear storage case
One set of Panasports with lug nuts
One set of Revolutions with lug nuts
Extra used Tilton Super Starter
Aluminum tail extension, not fitted
SCCA required fuel sampling port
Fuel jug and funnel
Specially built double axle trailer with         very low bed is included

                                                       $16,500 with Trailer and Spares

Economic Crunch price reduction

Take everything NOW for $15,000!

Contact us for more info and many detailed photos of this car.