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Motorsport Trader

Published hardbound by the Society of Automotive Engineers, this is THE definitive guide for drivers who want to follow the paths of others who have become successful in the sport.  In it you will find information acquired from Price Cobb, A.J. Foyt, Michael Roe, Mark Martin and many other successful drivers who share their insights and strategies with you. 

The Successful Race Car Driver
is divided into three sections. 

Making a Commitment includes chapters on
            Mind and Body
            Selecting Class and Car
            SCCA 101

            Dealing With Risk

The Four Things Every Successful Driver Learns are: 
            Learning to Drive
            Learning to Race
            Chassis Setup

            Getting Sponsors

Going Pro includes
            Working With a Team
            Running a Team

            Planning a Championship

The Mind of the Race Car Driver  This link not working at this time.  Please check back soon.
       Click on the link to read an excerpt from The Successful Race Car Driver printed by Sports Car magazine.  Discusses personality, tough-mindedness, aggression and the need to excel and other factors.  Includes studies on race drivers by psychologists and quotes from A.J. Foyt and Mark Martin, and contrasts the styles of Michael Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve.

Here are comments on The Successful Race Car Driver from readers:

Over 20 years of being an enthusiast/racer, i've read pretty much every book on this subject i could get my hands on. This book is the most real world guide to racing i've seen yet. this book should serve to inform an aspiring driver what to expect and possibly remove some of the misconceptions that so many enter motorsports with. I could have used this book 20 years ago. ----------------------------------------- JBL

I have been racing most of my life and this book contains information I have never seen in print anywhere else. The other books I have read on this subject tell how to start racing but this one tells you how to get good at it. Metcalf explains everything from from how a driver should prepare himself mentally before going on the track to how sponsorship really works and how to get sponsored. He has chapters on driving, chassis setup, offensive and defensive passing manuevers, selecting the best car and class to race, running a team, planning a championship, physical fittness and more that are each directly related to what a driver must do be be successful. My girlfriend read this book and now she seems to have a better insight into why I race and the things I and all drivers must face. Because of her reaction, I think it is also a very good book for racing enthusiasts to gain a better understanding of what the inside of racing is all about. At first I thought the book to be a little expensive, but after reading it, it is worth every penny. If you are a racing enthusiast, it's the best book you will see on what the pro drivers must deal with on a day to day basis. If you are a racer, buy it and memorize it. It's that good.       anonymous from