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Race Car Rentals

Owning, maintaining and campaigning a race car can be expensive.  We try to control costs for our clients but sometimes the economics just do not lend themselves to owning a car.  If you merely want to try a specific type of car or class, want to run only a limited number of races or even if you just want to simplify your tax return, renting a car might be the proper choice at certain times.  When such a time arises, we have several cars from which to choose.  If you do not see the car you are interested in renting here, please contact us.  We have a wide scope of resources and may be able to provide the car you want, open wheel or closed.  Lapping days and driver coaching sessions are also available.


Sorry, we do not have any cars available for rental at this time.  Please let us know what type of car you want and when your event is to be held.  We will try to find something for you.