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At Metcalf Racing, quality of service is our passion.  We go above and beyond what is required or expected to create loyalty one customer at a time.  Our commitment to quality, professionalism and innovation is unwavering, and we constantly strive for perfection in all that we do to sustain a competitive advantage for our customers.  We conduct business in an open, honest and fair manner, building trust in each of our business relationships.  We will care for your car, prepare it properly for races and provide professional quality service to you at the track.  This is not just something to say here on our home page.  We live by it.  To see what our customers themselves say about us, please visit our Customer Comments page.

We have a lifetime of experience racing several types of purpose built racing cars.  From Formula Ford to Indy cars and Formula One, we have raced them when they were new and, now once again, as vintage and historic cars.  We have the knowledge and experience with car restoration to restore your treasured car, properly race prepare it, the facilities for transportation to the track and race track support so you can enjoy your car to the utmost. Please check out our Restoration page for some of our current projects.

Some of the cars and clients we support at this time are: Stephen Page and his March 80A Formula Atlantic, Johnny Spellman and his March 87C Indy car, Paul Rego and his beautiful Lotus 79 Formula One car and Lotus 23B, Brian Findley and his March 81A Formula Atlantic and Lola T640 Formula Ford, among quite a few others.

Some of the cars we have been privileged to run in the past include Can-Am, GTP, Formula Atlantic, Formula Super Vee, Indy, Formula Ford, Formula 5000 and several GT and Production cars.  Our experience has helped our drivers to win numerous races and Championships in SCCA Club Racing, Professional Racing and Vintage Racing. 

Many of our clients have honed their business skills to a high level and run their companies with a high degree of professionalism.  Racing is a very technical sport, which demands professionalism at every level to produce wins and championships.  Shouldn't you trust your race car to people who take racing as seriously as you do your business?  We are currently accepting new clients for the 2014 season but our schedule is filling fast.   In 2011 we worked 21 race weekends for our clients, and 17 in 2012.   See our Event Schedule.   To make sure we can accommodate you and fulfill your plans, PLEASE CONTACT US SOON to discuss your plans and how we can best help you.  It's time to turn to the pros, but please hurry so that we can fit you in.

Even if you prepare your own car, here at the Metcalf Racing site you will find information of all sorts to help you be more a accomplished and successful race car driver, mechanic or team owner whether you race as an amateur or professionally.  Our goal for this website is to provide everything you need to help you go faster, be more competitive, improve your results and enjoy your racing more.  We have added the new In-Car Video page and we will be adding other pages soon.   We also have pages with links to the professional sanctioning bodies with schedules and contact information for them. We will soon even include budgets for different series and generic sponsor proposal forms which can be customized to your needs.  Check out our page of Indy Cars we are currently servicing.  If you have ideas for pages we can add to this site to make it more useful to you, please contact us.  Our goal is to make it the central place for the open wheel racer to come for information.  Please bookmark us and come back often to check out our new additions.  Look through the pages listed to the left.  You'll find a lot of helpful information there.

We have been racing for quite a long time and you will find at Metcalf Racing a wealth of on and off track experience to help you toward enjoyment and successful results in your racing activities.  In our shop, we have extensive facilities and abilities to help you prepare your car for competition.  We offer
professional fabrication services for modifications and updates to your car and we can provide support at the track to give you the best possible opportunity for good results and enjoyable racing.  In addition we can help with driver coaching to shave time from laps and can log and analyze data from many common data acquisition systems to help optimize the handling and performance of your car. 

We routinely do pre-purchase inspections of race cars. Storage, preparation, transportation and track support can be arranged for your car. 
For those occasions when you cannot or do not want to use your own car, race car rentals are available.

We don't sell helmets or spark plugs. You already know of plenty of places to buy those things.  We do offer and recommend selected products we have found to be of exceptional quality which we use for our own race cars.  Check the products list to the left for information on these.   As a professional race shop, we only try to give you the most accurate information available and provide you with the best possible products and services for your racing endeavor.  Whether you race for the enjoyment of it or pursue a professional career, we can help you achieve your goals.  Please check some of the pages to the left for more specific information. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.

Robert Metcalf
and the team at
Metcalf Racing