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Track Support

As important as car preparation in the shop is, it does not mean a thing until you get to the track.  We understand how important proper track support is and go to great lengths to ensure that things go smoothly.  Unforseen issues can always come up, but if you are prepared, even those can be handled with a minimum of trauma.  Our goal is always to have smooth, uneventful race weekends in which our drivers do well and have a good time. 

We currently use a Chaparral trailer capable of transporting two cars plus our Taylor-Dunn pit cart.  Trailers for additional cars are available if required.  We also carry a zero deflection Indy Car setup pad to maintain proper alignment, corner weights and wing angles during a weekend as well as nitrogen and spares such as gears, suspension parts, body parts and wheels.  We use laptop computers and color printers for data acquisition and record keeping. 

We charge as little as $500 a weekend if you only need a shady place to park your car and help with tire pressures, wheel torque and getting strapped in to your car.  For more serious weekends requiring data analysis, setup changes, driver coaching, major repairs and other time consuming tasks, the charges are higher.  For low maintenance cars such as Formula Fords and Formula Continentals weekend costs are rarely above $2500 even if we stay very busy.  For mid maintenance cars such as Formula Atlantics, low figures are usually around $1000.  For Indy, Can Am and Formula One cars, prices will be higher.  Please
contact us to discuss your plans and how we can help.  Here are some photos of some of the cars for which we are responsible at the track.


Stephen Page in his March 80A.  This is the same car, on the same weekend, that broke the front rocker arm mount described on the Race Car Preparation page.  Stephen won the race.

Blurry photo of all three of our Van Diemens.  This was a driver coaching session with Nick Boulle in the lead doing the coaching.

Fred Marxer ready to go.  One of our RF96 Van Diemen Formula Continentals. 

Robert Metcalf in Stephen Page's Crossle 30, holding off the herd.

Ralt RT-40 Toyota Formula Atlantic awaits Nick Boulle, the driver getting some seat time.

The March-Cosworth Indy car in the garage at Texas World Speedway.

To talk to us about taking care of your car at the track, just
click here!